Two Dam Kayak Rentals


Keystone Location


During COVID-19 Pandemic; you must call ahead and reserve, walk-ins will not be welcome.  For everyone's safety make a reservation so we can schedule no more than 6 people on any one shuttle bus.  We truly appreciate your patience and business through this time. Thank you.


Two Dam Kayak Rentals COVID-19 Safety Plan

Conducting Business Safely

      1. All employees will wear a mask that covers nose and mouth when they are within Six Feet of another person. We strongly suggest customers do the               same.

     2. We suggest paying with a card rather than cash so there is no exchange of money.

     3. Regarding our Keystone Lake location, we will only allow Three customers in the building at any given time as everyone will conduct social distancing.            Social Distancing Signs will be posted in the store.

COVID-19 Sanitation Procedure

     1. Employees will sanitize cash register, credit card reader area after each paying customer.

     2. Employees will sanitize commonly touched areas in the store every hour.

     3. Employees will sanitize each watercraft after each use.

Managing Sickness

     1. If an employee is feeling ill while working or at home, they MUST notify the owner immediately.

     2. If an employee or customer has been in contact with COVID-19, they MUST notify the owner immediately.